API Driven README Shield Badges

Looking for a way to create dynamic, API controlled badges for your README?
You're in the right place.

Welcome to is a service that allows you to create dynamic README badge shields for your projects.

It's entirely free and open source.

Getting Started!

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Shield Ideas

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    Build : passing
  • Code Coverage

    Coverage : 100%
  • Code Quality

    Quality : A+
  • License

    License : MIT
  • Version

    Stable : 1.2.34 Latest : 1.2.34 Unstable : 8.67.5-dev
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    Daily Downloads : 128
  • Open Issues

    Issues : 5
  • Open Pull Requests

    Pull Requests : 1
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    Code Size : 1.2mb
  • Contributors

    Contributors : 13
  • Commit Activity

    Commits : 2/week
  • Release Activity

    Releases : 1/month

API Examples

Open Source

Want to audit the code? Want to run your own instance? The entire source code is freely availbile on GitHub.

Visit on GitHub to learn more. is built with Go, and TypeScript.